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‘Mahul Abrittir Band’ was formally launched in 2005.

Earlier elocutionists didn’t use music in their live performance. Later some of the elocutionists started using music as part of their performance in the form of background score (abaha).

Shanoli founded Mahul Abrittir Band since she wanted to experiment by using live instrumentation as an integral part of recitation. As of today this style of presentation marks a new genre of recital approach. It will be worthwhile here to note, that Shanoli had been a student of Indian Classical music since childhood. She was also initiated to recitation at a very early and had bagged several awards as solo performer.

This attempt to form Mahul Abrittir Band way back in 2005 brought recitation, a whole new set of audience and new a format in which recitation seamless gels with parallel forms of art like instrumentation, music, dance and visual art.

A typical Mahul composition is preceded by prolonged research and experimentation by band members, who designs the format of the composition. The sound design is separately done keeping in mind the rhythm and the mood of the particular poem.

Mahul uses folklores as well as Indian classical notes with supporting back-vocal and vocal harmony. Each poem is recited in its own musical scale, which enriches the composition and offers the audience the experience of visual poetry.


Shanoli – Recitation, Vocal


Satyajit – Keyboard, Back Vocals

Debdeep – Lead Guitar, Back Vocals

Debdeep – Bass Guitar, Back Vocals


Chinmoy – Drums

Suvam – Tabla, Djimbe, Percussion

Suvam – Tabla, Djimbe, Percussion

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